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Advanced PCB

Advanced PCB

What is Advanced PCB

Advanced PCBs are commonly used in high-precision electronic devices. With the continuous development of technology, demand is also getting higher and higher.

To this end, GESP Technology has opened a dedicated Advanced PCB service channel to match the highest quality designers and production resources, to assist our customers to achieve the best possible time to market and competitive advantage by sustainably producing PCBs at the lowest total price through our fabrication capabilities, delivery punctuality, and product quality.

Advanced PCB Production Capability

  1. Proven Technology
    Professional R&D on high-density HDI, multi-layer PCB, rigid-flex PCB. Embedding technology of small size core, thick GEM, PCB with special requirements from industries like Telecom / medical/automotive, and etc.
  2. Qualified Materials
    Sourcing high-quality materials from Rogers, Shengyi, Wazam, Dupont, Rohmhass, Atotech and other excellent suppliers to choose the best ones.
  3. Independent Production Line
    When you order advanced PCBs from GESP Technology, you are buying quality that pays for itself over time. In the comparison chart below you can see where the advanced PCB is unique or goes beyond the IPC standard.

Check out our Advanced PCB capabilities in the following table:插入表格

At first glance, the PCB is similar in appearance regardless of its inherent quality. It is under the surface that we see the differences that are critical to the durability and functionality. Customers don’t always see these differences, but what they can assure is that GESP Technology will do its utmost to ensure that the supplied PCB meets the most stringent quality standards.

Whether it is in the manufacturing assembly process or actual use, the PCB must have reliable performance. In addition to the related costs, defects in the assembly process may end up being built into the final product via the PCBs, and failure may occur during actual use, resulting in compensation claims. Therefore, from this point of view, the cost of a good quality PCB is negligible. In all market segments, especially in the product market producing critical applications, the consequences of such failures could be devastating. These aspects should be kept in mind when comparing PCB prices. Although the initial cost of a reliable, guaranteed, and long-life product is high, it is worth of money in the long run.

Application Area

Advanced PCB is widely used in communications, industrial control, computer applications, medical, test equipment, and other fields. The core competitiveness: leading technology, high quality, high precision rate, expedited delivery, consultative customer service, and optimal cost performance. With ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, RoHS certification.

  • Industrial Equipment: Machine tool, Power generation equipment, Energy-saving equipment, Sewage treatment equipment, etc.
  • Instrumentation: Microscope, Launch vehicle, Earthquake test, Teaching instrument, etc.
  • Vehicle electronics: Vehicle system, Navigation System, Power steering system, etc.
  • Industrial Communication Device: Mobile phone,Laptop,PDA,LCD,etc.

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