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Amachiner Group Co., Ltd - Focus On Quality And Technology Improvement Of Loaders All The Time


Amachiner Group Co., Ltd was found in 2005. It is a large enterprise which focused on R&D, manufacturing and sales of wheel loaders and backhoe loaders. Wheel loaders mainly include 650K, 670K, 690K and 700K Series, more than 12 different front end loaders. And backhoe loaders cover 320G and 327G Series, more than 5 different models.

As a high-quality supplier from China, Amachiner still follows the philosophy of “Better Durability & Better Price”. We really hope to supply durable and practical construction machinery products at a reasonable price. At the same time, solving more project construction problems through one-stop technical support is Amachiner’s job.


As a global brand of high-quality construction machinery and equipment manufacturing, Amachiner has the following five core values.

  • Focus on quality and technology of loaders all the time.
  • Helping customers to reduce project costs is our job.
  • Problem-solving ability and credibility mean everything.
  • Be honest, trustworthy, serious and responsible.
  • Change the world better, no matter how much we spend.



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