How to Install Wheel Loader Skid Chains Correctly [Step by Step]

Wheel Loader Snow Chain
July 1, 2019
Posted by: Amachiner

As we all know, as an important component of wheel loaders, snow chains play an irreplaceable role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of  front end loaders. Especially in bad weather and construction road conditions, it keeps the front end wheel loader working well.

So, how to install the wheel loader skid chain correctly? How many questions you need to pay attention to during installating?

Install wheel loader snow chains

Follow this article, you will learn how to install the wheel loader snow chain correctly step by step. And on this basis, we will show you some details to pay attention to in the process of purchasing and using the loader skid chain.

#Step 1、Park the wheel loader in a safe place

The best place to install and remove chains is in a driveway or somewhere relatively safe. Of course, if you have to install or remove it while driving, make sure the front end wheel loader is parking on the roadside or a flat road. Secondly, wherever you are, in order to have enough space to move the chain around, make sure you leave at least 10 feet of space in front and back of the loader. Also, check whether the front end loader is already in the braking state to avoid accidents before touching the tires anywhere. Finally, just as an important thing, remove excess snow from your tires, please.

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#Step 2、Start installing the chain

Before installing, figure out the drive method of the wheel loader you operate. Front or rear wheel drive? Because the chain has to hook to the set of tires that drive it. And when you know which set of tires to apply the chain to, remove as much snow as possible around the tires. After that, spread the chain under the wheel loader, placing the first gear of each chain connected to the ground against the tires. At last, check that the grainy side of the chain faces the ground, because this is the part of the chain that works best.

#Step 3、Bite (or detach) tires

If it’s a rear-wheel-drive loader, you should bite the chain backward or push it forward. In the process, you need to get in to start the engine, move the front end loader forward or backward about 2 feet with chains slowly and carefully.

#Step 4、Fixed and secure the chain

Once the tire is placed on the chain directly, the lap ends at the top of the tire are pulled off and each end becomes a device that fits into the chain gear exactly.

wheel loader snow chains

#Step 5、Start your loader

Now you have installed the snow chains correctly. This will make you overcome the bad road conditions completely to operate your front end loader. However, do not drive it aggressively under this horrible weather and condition even if you’re sure chains have worked properly. You really should Start the wheel loader slowly and pay more attention to the sound it makes. It might remind you that the chain is loose or the tire is not properly mounted (More problems with chains). On the other hand, it is unwise to drive a front end loader with chains on it at 40 miles per hour.

#Step 6、Dismount snow chains

Bad weather doesn’t last forever, so when it’s no longer snowing, remove the chains from your loader. Under no circumstances, you should not drive it with a chain on snow-free roads because of damaging your tires seriously. Removing them is much easier than installing by doing the opposite. After that, store them in a dry place for the next winter.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”JQ0cl” via=”no” ]How to Choose Skid Chains for Your Wheel Loader?[/ctt]

We should be more careful during buying loader chains. Now there are three kinds of snow chains in the construction machinery maintenance and protection market. The first one is made of steel, but because of the damage to road facilities, some countries have banned the use of such loader skid chains.

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The second kind of anti-skid chain of the loader is beef chains, which is a chemical mixture in the end, and it is easier to install. The third is the latest rubber loader anti-skid chain, this kind of chains are similar to beef chains. But it has better tension and installation speed, making it ideal for winter snow and ice, or for climbing uphill and downhill.

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