ACR 320G Backhoe Loader

backhoe loader for sale
Engine Model QSB4.5
Rated Power 82kW / 2200rpm
Number of Cylinders 4
Peak Torque (N.m) 470
Turbocharger Variable Geometry Turbocharger
Oil and Gas Mining
Certification Tier 4 Final / Stage IV
Displacement (L) 4.5
Weight (kg) 390
Aftertreatment CCC / SCR
Technical Specifications
Bucket Capacity 1.15m³
Rated Load 82kW / 2200rpm
Operating Weight 9900kg
L × W × H (MM) 5934 × 2440 × 3966
Breakout Force 58.8kN
Digging Bucket Capacity 0.18-0.28m³
Digging Force ≥56 kN
Max.Digging Depth 4545 / 4658 / 5804mm
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Why Choose ACR 320G Backhoe Loader?

  • Firstly, ACR 320G backhoe loader combines the latest technology and market conditions over the world. It has most of the features of compact tractor loader backhoe. So this will reduce your purchasing costs greatly.
  • At the same time, it is especially suitable for excavation and backfilling operations such as underground pipe network reconstruction, municipal works, hydraulic engineering, cable erection and landscaping.
  • Structure

  • Like most backhoe loader for sale, ACR 320G compact loader backhoe adopts hinge joint mode in order to complete high-angle steering, this makes the steering more flexible as well.
  • In addition, during the whole working process, ACR loader backhoe focused on improving the stability of fuselage through its frog legs.
  • Dynamical System

  • This series of loader backhoes install Cummins 4BTAA3.9 engine with 110 HP. Beyond that, there are US Cummins QSB4.5 electronically controlled engine for Euro III emissions, Italy CARRARO four-wheel drive gearbox, electro-hydraulic reversing and synchronous shifting as available choices for you.
  • Hydraulic System

  • We design a single pump compound sensing structure to reduce the energy consumption of compact tractor loader backhoe. On the other hand, excavating hydraulic system can be equipped with pilot control if you need. What is more, we choose the German cone seal as the hydraulic pipeline structure because of higher reliability with a double seal.
  • Cab And Control System

  • Firstly of all, Configure a comfortable cab to supply large interior operating space and wide view. Secondly, we install anti-ultraviolet glass to resist ultraviolet radiation effectively. What is more, the cab has the advantage of sound insulation and noise reduction. The installation position of the instrument is reasonable and clear. Meanwhile, we prepare air conditioning for you (optional).
  • Digging Device

  • The maximum excavating depth is 4.3m. Especially in the cycle operation, it can improve the mining efficiency for you significantly. In addition, we strengthen the pin shaft, web and side plate to increase the reliability and durability of tractor loader backhoe.
  • Backhoe Loader Price

  • We always believe the backhoe price is one of our advantages. However, this does not mean we ignore the quality. In our opinion, we are still focused on quality assurance and performance improvement of the backhoe loaders.
  • In this case, our price of loader backhoe for sale is more reasonable. That is to say, our mission is to help customers REDUCE project costs.
  • So, if you are interested in ACR 320G backhoe loader, Request a quote now!

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Better Price & Quality Backhoe Loader
Bucket Capacity 1.15m³
Rated Power 82kW / 2200rpm
Operating Weight 9900kg
L x W x H (mm) 5934 x 2440 x 3966
Breakout Force 58.8kN
Digging Bucket Capacity 0.18-0.28m³
Max.Digging Depth 4545 / 4658 / 5804mm