ACR 690K Wheel Loader for Sale

small wheel loader for sale
Engine Model WP12G250E302
Rated Power 226kW / 2100rpm
Number of Cylinders 6
Bore × Stroke (mm) 126 × 155
Displacement (L) 11.596
Power (kW) 162~270
Compression Ratio 17:1
Direction of Rotation CCW
L × W × H (MM) 1308 × 784 × 857
Weight (kg) 1120
Technical Specifications
Bucket Capacity 4.0m³
Rated Load 7000kg
Dumping Height 3246mm
Rated Power 226kW / 2100rpm
Operating Weight 24000kg
L × W × H (MM) 8690 × 3213 × 3755
Breakout Force 220kN
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Why Choose ACR 690K Wheel Loader for Sale?

  • Energy-saving Power Transmission System

  • Firstly, ACR 690K wheel loader for sale adopts diesel engine with 226kW rated power and 2100rmp maximum torque. It has a two-stage air filter, which can adapt to multi-dust working conditions. Most importantly, the engine not only has high reliability and adaptability, but it has the advantages of low fuel consumption and low emission. It is a high-quality front end loader for sale based on the construction machinery operating conditions.
  • Secondly, It uses energy saving planetary hydraulic transformer. Besides, it has a large capacity double turbine torque converter and enhanced gearbox, which matches the engine perfectly.
  • Hydraulic System

  • The steering system adopts fully hydraulic steering to ensure stability and reliability. Similarly, the working pump is selected using high pressure, large displacement gear pump. On the other hand, the working hydraulic system and steering hydraulic system are independent to guarantee efficiency.
  • Braking System

  • Adopt the four-wheel disc brake system to provide strong braking force and reduce the burden of each braking piston certainly. At the same time, it is also equipped with a cut-off power braking mode to reduce mechanical wear.
  • Cab And Control System

  • Firstly of all, Configure a luxurious and comfortable cab to supply large interior operating space and wide view. Secondly, we install anti-ultraviolet glass to resist ultraviolet radiation effectively. What is more, the cab has the advantage of sound insulation and noise reduction. The installation position of the instrument is reasonable and clear. Meanwhile, we prepare air conditioning for you (optional) if you need.
  • Maintainability

  • The maintainability of front end loader is also a key consideration in the selection of loaders. Engine cover adopts large side door and upturn design. Therefore, yes, this is more advantageous for engine cooling and component maintenance.
  • Loader Body

  • We have combined high strength structure technology to design the body of ACR 690K front end wheel loader. For this reason, we strengthened the important stress position withstand the torsion force and impact load under various working conditions.
  • Most importantly, all the essential structural parts of  ACR 690K wheel loader are analyzed by the finite element method to reduce the stress concentration and reduce the structural fatigue of components.
  • On the other hand, we increase the distance between the hinge pins, disperse the force at the hinge and improve the compact wheel loader bearing life.
  • Wheel Loader Price

  • We always believe the wheel loader price is one of our advantages. However, this does not mean we ignore the quality. In our opinion, we are still focused on quality assurance and performance improvement of the wheel loaders.
  • In this case, our price of wheel loader for sale is more reasonable. That is to say, our mission is to help customers REDUCE project costs.
  • So, if you are interested in ACR 690K wheel loader for sale, Request a quotation now!

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Better Price & Better Quality Wheel Loader
Tipping Load 14000kg
Bucket Capacity 4.0m³
Rated Load 7000kg
Dumping Height 3246 mm
Rated Power 226kW / 2100rpm
Operating Weight 24000kg
L x W x H (mm) 8690 x 3213 x 3755
Breakout Force 220kN