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Quick Turn PCB Fabrication As Fast As 24 hours

In the era of rapid technological development, it is important to respond quickly to customer needs while ensuring PCB quality. Therefore, GESP Technology, which is committed to achieving sustainable production for customers, also provides high-quality services for customer service that urgently needs circuit board prototyping. After completing the Gerber check, our engineers will match the most suitable factory in our supplier system to complete PCB production within 24 hours and complete delivery within 48 hours.

We are the spokesperson for the interests of our customers. GESP is proud of its strict quality control system and rapid mass production. We help customers achieve the best time to market and competitiveness through fast, high-quality, low-cost circuit board production and supply.

If you have a job that needs to be done in a hurry, look no further than GESP Technology. We have the quick turn PCB capabilities to meet your tough project deadlines. We have procedures in place to assure your order is expedited throughout the entire process, from quoting to shipping.

Being quick in delivery never compromises on the quality. With our stringent test procedures, you can be assured that you will be satisfied with our PCB for your high-tech work.

Below is Lead Time Schedule for Quick-turn PCB

PCB Order Quantity(㎡) Original Lead Time(Days) Current Lead Time(hours)  
0-50pcs& < 1㎡ 2-3 Days 24 hours  
1-5 ㎡ 5-6 Days 3-4 Days  
5-10 ㎡ 6-7 Days 4-5 Days  
≥10 ㎡ 8-10 Days 5-6 Days  

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