The Complete Tips: Wheel Loader Maintenance Checklists

wheel loader maintenance checklists
August 6, 2019
Posted by: Amachiner

As we all know, effective wheel loader maintenance helps reduce the failure rate of loaders and improve work efficiency. At the same time, for personal safety of the operator and relevant personnel on the construction site, we should pay more attention to carry out the front end loader maintenance and inspection regularly. So, we will share the complete wheel loader maintenance checklists here. Maybe it is really useful enough to you.

Checklist #1、Front End Loader Daily Maintenance

Wheel loader maintenance is a necessary lesson for each loader operator. It not only improves the work performance of compact wheel loader, but extends the service life of it. The daily checklists of loaders generally include the following four points.

  • Before starting, check whether there is any oil leak or air leakage.
  • Look into the engine oil coolant hydraulic level carefully.
  • Make sure the fastener of the front end wheel loader without any loose problem.
  • Complete the inspection of tire pressure, lighting system, instruments and apparatus.

wheel loader maintenance

Checklist #2、Every 50 hours of maintenance

In addition to daily maintenance, the front wheel loader also needs to do weekly (50 hours) maintenance. So what does it include?

  • Observe the transmission oil level to determine whether the oil is sufficient.
  • Verify that the gearshift control and throttle control systems work properly.
  • Check the bolts that tighten the front and rear drive shafts.
  • Confirm the loader engine intake pipe to work normally and clean up the air filter element.
  • It is very important to pay more attention to  the foot brake and hand brake system. Because this is related to the construction site personnel safety to a great extent.

Checklist #3、Every 100 hours of maintenance

When the loader is working for about two weeks (100 hours), it is particularly important to inspect the oil and core structural parts of the wheel loader, which is also the first stage to test the quality and durability of it. Here are three major maintenance lists.

  • After the run-in period of front-end loader, change the transmission oil every 600 hours.
  • Similarly, the engine oil should be changed every 600 hours.
  • Look over whether the wheel rims of the loader and the brake disc bolt bridge bolt are fully tight.

front end loader maintenance checklists

Checklist #4、Every 200 hours of maintenance

Many users often ask how many kinds of maintenance they should do every month. Absolutely correct, one month is also a small cycle for front end loader maintenance. In fact, there are four things you should pay attention to.

  • Clean the filter of loader in time.
  • After completing the loading work on site for many times, it is necessary to look closely at whether there are cracks in the loader’s moving arm bucket frame.
  • On the other hand, check the tightness of generator fan belt and remove any looseness. Though that doesn’t happen usually.
  • Measure and ensure the tire pressure of the compact wheel loader is within the range of 0.27~0.31Mpa.

wheel loader maintenance tips

Checklist #5、Every 600 hours of maintenance

Monthly maintenance is finished on the quarterly maintenance. So, if the unit is a quarter, you should prepare the following three points for maintenance and inspection.

  • Replace engine oil, transmission oil, oil filter and diesel oil filter.
  • Keep the oil suction strainer of diesel tank being clean.
  • Dispose of stolen goods on the surface of the radiator promptly.

Checklist #6、Every 2400 hours of maintenance

At last, if the loader used for one year, we need to test its core components separately. Under normal circumstances, suppliers will provide complete operation and maintenance instructions when exporting front end wheel loader products. So what should we do?

  • Overhaul the entire power system according to the engine specifications.
  • Remove the gearbox torque converter to check the mechanical structure and function.
  • The front and rear bridges of the loader should also be disassembled.

In fact, the wheel loader maintenance needs to be carried out in different stages and conditions. However, many people still think doing like this is a waste of time. On the contrary, correct maintenance can reduce the failure rate of the loader and improve the work efficiency.

And really hope you have gotten helpful resources here by wheel loader maintenance checklists. Any question you have, leave your comments please.

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