5 Core Features You Choose ACR 650K Wheel Loader

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June 29, 2019
Posted by: Amachiner

ACR 650K wheel loaders have advanced configuration design and manufacturing process,  which inherits the advantages of Amachiner Group in front end loaders exactly. So what are the advantages features of ACR 650K front end loaders that give users a better operating experience? Now Amachiner old customer Smith Yang tells you some details about them.

#1、Reliable performance and few faults

” In March of this year, I bought an ACR 650K wheel loader to load sand-gravel. In terms of power, it is indeed more powerful than some brands of loaders I used before. Moreover, the engine does not heat up dramatically because of the longtime operation, the stability of ACR compact wheel loader is very good. ”

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In fact, ACR 650K front end wheel loaders carry powerful WP10G220E343 diesel engines. Its efficient cooling system can provide reliable power even in the extremely harsh working environment. At the same time, the standard ACR homemade wet brake bridge fundamentally to avoid more fault points of the gas-cap oil-dry brake bridge.

#2、 More fuel-efficient

” I have used it for more than one month, I found that when ACR 650K Wheel Loader is full of oil, it can work for nearly 20 hours every time. I am very satisfied with the fuel consumption performance. ” Amachiner’s all-in-one powertrain matches the engine perfectly with the wet brake bridge, reducing power loss and improving fuel economy.

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#3、Ensure operation safety

Amachiner Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd cooperates with the leading loader suppliers over the world. We test the quality performance and durability of all core components strictly to ensure the testing standards are much higher than domestic counterparts.

#4、Humanized design

” You know the first time I entered the cab, I was attracted by the interior decoration with wide vision and large space. ” First of all, ACR 650K front wheel loader configures a luxurious and comfortable cab to supply large interior operating space and wide view. Secondly, we install anti-ultraviolet glass to resist ultraviolet radiation effectively. What is more, the cab has the advantage of sound insulation and noise reduction. The installation position of the instrument is reasonable and clear. Meanwhile, we prepare air conditioning for you (optional) if you need.

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#5、Lower operation and maintenance costs

ACR 650K wheel loader adopts high-load engine, wet-bridge reinforced articulated arm and frame to improve the durability of the wheel loader greatly. On the other hand, this structured layout reduces maintenance costs and downtime and improves the convenience of maintenance.

Smith Yang is a loyal customer of Amachiner. He bought an ACR 650K wheel loader in March and April respectively. He was deeply impressed by the fuel saving and efficiency of ACR loaders, which gave him great help in his engineering career.

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